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Pegatron Shows-off Tiny Tegra 2 powered HTPC Nettop

Sunday, April 4th, 2010 | Pegatron Nettops with No Comments »

nvidia pegatron htpc nettop

Engadget spotted this neat looking Nvidia Tegra 2 powered nettop at an Nvidia trade show display.  Made by Pegratron, this mysterious little nettop is a thin plastic box is topped by a bamboo finish.  On the back are HDMI, Ethernet, microphone and speaker plugs. Details are still very scarce, but Tegra 2 gives us a good hint: the chip can decode 1080p and Flash video, runs Android or Windows CE.

We imagine something like this going for $100 (though no price or release date has been mentioned) or so and acting as a great little home theater PC for the right sort of user if and when it hits the market.