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Zotac’s tiny Nano nettop packs a dual core punch

Friday, October 7th, 2011 | Zotac Nettops with No Comments »

Zotac Nano ZD-01 Nettop

Zotac has been packing fully capable pcs in tiny packages for years now, and this time they’ve outdone themselves  making VD01 series nettops.   This series ditches more well known solutions from Intel and AMD for one from chip maker VIA.   The exact chip is the Nano X2 U4025 CPU with its Chrome9 media processor.

Inside is room for a 2.5-inch HDD and a single DDR3 slot, but Zotac also makes a version that has pre-populated those slots  with a 320GB disk and 2GB RAM called the Plus model.   Connections on the case consist of USB 3.0, 2.0, eSATA, Ethernet and HDMI ports while inside are both Bluetooth 3.0 and 802.11n radios. There’s even an IR receiver and bundled remote to make this truly living room friendly.

You can check out the full PR after the break.

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New, tiny, Zotac Zbox Nano packs an AMD Fusion punch

Thursday, September 1st, 2011 | AMD Processor, Zotac Nettops with No Comments »

Zotac Zbox Nana Nettop

Measuring in at just 127x127mm the ZBOX nano is tiny, it’s quite chubby at 45mm tall.  However, like its predecessor, the Nano is based on AMD’s Brazos platform, but this time Zotac includes tha latest E-450 APUs as an option, with a bit more GPU oomph than the original E-350.  Having said that, Zotac says the AMD E-350 will be the only choice for early adopters and the E-450 version will only show up later.

Despite it’s tiny size, the Nano has a full set of features including USB 3.0, eSATA, WLAN, and Bluetooth 3.0.  Internally there’s room for a single SO-DIMM and a 2.5-inch drive. A remote control is also bundled that works with Windows MCE and for some reason Zotac is also supplying an additional IR receiver that connects via USB.

In Japan it already retails for 27,500 Yen (S$433) and the Plus model which comes with 2GB of DDR3 RAM and a 320GB hard drive is even pricier at 35,000 Yen (S$550).  We still don’t know the US price, but we can guess the Nano will be a tad pricier than the AD-02.

More here.

Zotac to launch tiny Via Nano X2 powered nettop

Monday, May 30th, 2011 | Zotac Nettops with 1 Comment

Zotac Via Processor Nettop

VIA Technologies and Zotac are showing an ultra-small form factor nettop powered by the latest VIA Nano chipset at Computex this week.  This new nZotac ZBOX nettop is even smaller than any of Zotac’s existing line of tiny desktops. The folks at PC snagged a picture which measures 4.7″ x 4.7″ x 1.6″.

The VIA Nano X2 dual core processor is a low power 64-bit chip which can run at speeds up to 1.6 GHz. The 40nm chip is pin-to-pin compatible with VIA’s older C7, C7-M, and Eden chips, which makes it easy for manufacturers to update existing products with the new processor.  VIA’s X2 chip features a VX900 media system processor with ChromotionHD 2.0 graphics and HD video acceleration for MPEG-2, WMV9, H.264, and VC1 video.

This is Zotac’s first  ZBOX to use a VIA chip and we can’t wait to get our hands on one to try out!

Zotac Zbox AD02 unboxing and first impressions

Monday, March 28th, 2011 | Zotac Nettops with 1 Comment

zotac zbox ad02 unboxing

Zotac sent me a demo unit of their brand new Zotac Zbox AD02 model. Now, Zotac has been making great nettops for a while, but the main difference with this particular unit, is that it’s powered by AMD’s brand new E-350 Brazos platform.  AMD’s new chips have been getting great reviews, so we expect good things from this new dual core platfrom, running at 1.6ghz in this tiny nettop.  For graphics processing power, AMD’s Brazos platform incorporates Radeon HD 6310 integrated graphics with support for DirectX 11

The unit that Zotac sent me is the ZBOX AD02 Plus.  The ‘Pus’ on the end of the model name signifies that this model comes with 2gb of DDR3 (8gb Max) and a 250GB hard drive installed.  The other model, AD02, comes as a barebones kit, so you can install your own RAM and HDD.

First impressions are that this is nicely built nettop, although it’s shiny exterior finish shows every fingerprint.  Two docking systems are included, one that you can use to stand the unit up solo, and another that attaches to the back of your LCD monitor.  The solo dock is a bit fiddly to install, but it’s fine once setup, and you’ll probably only do it once.

The AD02 Plus isn’t for sale yet, but you can currently pick up the Zbox ID40, which is the Intel equivalent for $232.87

Check out the rest of the unboxing pictures after the break, including a comparison with Lenovo’s Ideacentre nettop.

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New Zotac nettop uses AMD’s latest Fusion chip

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 | Zotac Nettops with No Comments »

zotac ad03 nettop

Popular nettop maker Zotac has a new nettop, and it’s not powered by an Intel Atom chip.  Instead, the new Zotac nettop uses AMD’s E-350 (Zacate) chip with integrated Radeon HD graphics. We’ve already some laptops using AMD’s new low power chip, the Zotac AD03 is the first nettop.

The AMD E-350 chip combines AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics and a 1.6GHz dual core processor onto a single piece of silicon. The chip has a total power draw of 18W, which is high by netbook standards, but pretty low by desktop PC standards. The computer can handle 1080p HD video playback with ease, and in fact, the computer comes with a Blu-ray burner.

There’s support for 2 DDR3 memory slots, a SATA hard drive bay, USB 3.0, a mini PCI Express slot, HDMI, DVI, and VGA output, Gigabit LAN, and 802.11b/g/n WiFi.  For configuration there are two choices – either as a barebones system (no RAM, a hard drive, or an OS), or with 2GB of RAM and a 250GB hard drive — but still no operating system.

via Netbook News