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Acer has a new nettop called the Revo 70. The Revo 70 is tiny, like Acer’s previous nettop offerings, and measures 8.26″ x 8.26″ x 2.13″ at just 2.2 pounds.

The Acer Revo 70 has a 1.65 GHz AMD E-450 dual core processor, Radeon HD 6320 graphics, 2GB of RAM, and a 500GB hard drive. It runs Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, and features 802.11b/g/n WiFi, Ethernet, HDMI output, a VGA port, 6 USB ports, an SD card slot, and audio jacks.

According to the Acer website, the Revo 70 has a list price of $329.99.

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AMD Fusion powered Sapphire Edge-HD3 nettop shows up at the FCC http://www.nettopreview.com/2012/02/amd-fusion-powered-sapphire-edge-hd3-nettop-shows-up-at-the-fcc/ http://www.nettopreview.com/2012/02/amd-fusion-powered-sapphire-edge-hd3-nettop-shows-up-at-the-fcc/#comments Thu, 16 Feb 2012 07:55:03 +0000 admin http://www.nettopreview.com/?p=1244 Sapphire Technology HD3 Nettop

Sapphire Technology has a line of nettops under the Sapphire Edge-HD brand and up until recently the company only offered nettops with Intel Atom processors and NVIDIA ION graphics.  Now, a new model is on the way with an AMD Fusion processor.

The Sapphire Edge-HD3 Mini PC showed up at the FCC website this week. It features and AMD E-450 dual core processor and Radeon HD 6320 graphics.  The nettop has  4GB of RAM and has a 2.5″ hard drive bay with support for up to 500GB of hard disk space. It also features WiFi, Ethernet, VGA, HDMI, and audio ports, as well as 2 USB 3.0 ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports.

Sapphire will load the Edge-HD3 with FreeDOS software, but it also supports Windows 7 or other operating systems.

The PC measures 7.6″ x 5.8″ x 0.9″ and weighs less than 1.2 pounds.

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$25 Rasberry Pi could start shipping next month http://www.nettopreview.com/2012/02/25-rasberry-pi-could-start-shipping-next-month/ http://www.nettopreview.com/2012/02/25-rasberry-pi-could-start-shipping-next-month/#comments Wed, 08 Feb 2012 06:30:25 +0000 admin http://www.nettopreview.com/?p=1239 Rasberry Pi nettop

The folks behind the $25 Raspberry Pi have announced that they could start taking orders by the end of February.   They were supposed to be ready to go in December, but that didn’t happen. But not it looks like the first batch of 10,000 should finish production by February 20th.

The Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer motherboard with a Broadcom BCM2835 low-power ARM-based processor. It’s designed to be able to run Linux-based software and it’s targeted at hobbyists, educational institutions, or anyone who really likes the idea of a $25 computer.  There’s a slightly more expensive ($35) version if you want internet connectivity.

The system is designed primarily as a low power, low cost PC, it can handle 1080p HD video playback and even some 3D gaming. There’s also already a project underway to port the popular media center application XBMC to run on the Raspberry Pi hardware.

Broadcom has also released a datasheet (PDF link) for the BCM2835 chip which may make it easier for independent developers to work with the Raspberry Pi — but the chip still uses closed source drivers, so the datasheet will only get you so far.

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Asus Eee Box EB1031 nettop has new Cedar Trail processor inside http://www.nettopreview.com/2012/01/asus-eee-box-eb1031-nettop-has-new-cedar-trail-processor-inside/ http://www.nettopreview.com/2012/01/asus-eee-box-eb1031-nettop-has-new-cedar-trail-processor-inside/#comments Tue, 10 Jan 2012 07:33:37 +0000 admin http://www.nettopreview.com/?p=1229 Asus Eee Box EB1031 Cedar Trail nettop

Asus’s new super-slim nettop is called teh Eee Box EB1031. Despite it’s slim exeterior, it packs the latest and fastest Atom chip so far, the 2.13 GHz Intel Atom D2700 Cedar Trail processor with support for 1080p HD video playback;  The motheboard hosts up to 4GB of RAM, and a 2.5″ hard drive bay with support for up to 500GB of storage.  The EB1031 also as USB 3.0 support, HDMI output, a D-sub port, flash card reader and built-in WiFi.

No word on pricing yet,  but it should be available in March.  Asus is marketing this particular model for business and point f sale use, but hopefully Asus will offer a consumer version of the nettop as well.

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Top 5 nettops for Christmas 2011 http://www.nettopreview.com/2011/11/top-5-nettops-for-christmas-2011/ http://www.nettopreview.com/2011/11/top-5-nettops-for-christmas-2011/#comments Tue, 29 Nov 2011 04:10:35 +0000 admin http://www.nettopreview.com/?p=1222 Acer Aspire Revo Nettop
Looking for a small, compact, power efficient computer this Holiday season?  Well, you can’t go wrong with one of the latest nettops.  Apple’s Mac Mini is one of the originals, but is an pricier option at $564.  For a good mix of budget and performance, check out Acer’s AspireRevo coming in at just $289.99.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with any of these top 5 Christmas nettops for 2011.

1.)  Acer AspireRevo AR3700-U3002 – $289.99

2.)  Lenovo IdeaCentre Q150 – $309.99

3.)  AcerVeriton 2GB 320HD Linux – $218.38

4.)  Apple Mac Mini MC815LL/A – $564.99

5.)  Zotac Intel Atom D525 1.8 GHz Dual Core – $225.25

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FXI Cotton Candy puts Android OS on a USB stick. Just add monitor. http://www.nettopreview.com/2011/11/fxi-cotton-candy-puts-android-os-on-a-usb-stick-just-add-monitor/ http://www.nettopreview.com/2011/11/fxi-cotton-candy-puts-android-os-on-a-usb-stick-just-add-monitor/#comments Mon, 21 Nov 2011 06:32:29 +0000 admin http://www.nettopreview.com/?p=1213 FXI Cotton Candy ARM Micro Computer

FXI Technology has introduced a tiny computer, running Android, that fits on a USB stick.  It’s a proper computer, with a processor, WiFi, Bluetooth, and HDMI output.  All it needs is  monitor, mouse, keyboard, or other accessory over Bluetooth and you’re ready to surf the web, watch videos, play games, or do just about anything else you can do with an Android device.

The FXI Cotton Candy is powered by a 1.2 GHz ARM Samsung Exynos Cortex-A9 processor with ARM Mali 400 MP graphics. It’s powered through the USB port. FXI is showing off the device with Google Android 2.3 Gingerbread — although it can also run Ubuntu Linux or other operating systems.  There’s also 802.11b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, 1GB of RAM, and supports up to 64GB of storage with a microSD card slot.

All that comes in a package that weighs just 21 grams!

It’s possible to connect an external display via an HDMI port, but you can also connect the Cotton Candy into a computer’s USB port and launch an Android environment on a Mac or PC. This lets you run Android apps on a Windows or OS X computer, or transfer files between your Mac or PC and the USB stick by dragging and dropping.

FXI hopes to find partners to bring the Cotton Candy to market in late 2012 for less than $200.

via The Verge

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Tiny Compulab Fit PC3 now shipping http://www.nettopreview.com/2011/11/tiny-compulab-fit-pc3-now-shipping/ http://www.nettopreview.com/2011/11/tiny-compulab-fit-pc3-now-shipping/#comments Fri, 18 Nov 2011 05:02:21 +0000 admin http://www.nettopreview.com/?p=1208 Compulab Fit PC3 Nettop

About a year ago, Compulab first showed us the Fit-PC3, a nettop that features HD graphics capabilities and now it’s finally available for purchase.  The Fit-PC3 is unusual in that it uses anAMD embedded processor with Radeon HD graphics. The basic model uses 2GB of RAM, an AMD G-T44R 1.2 GHz single core, 9W processor and Radeon HD 6250 graphics for $345.  There are also other configurations with prices ranging from $328 to $698.

There is space for 2 sticks of DDR3 memory, a hard drive, and wireless modules. It has 2 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, HDMI, DisplayPort, S/PDIF 7.1 channel audio, and Gigabit Ethernet as well as 2 eSATA ports and an RS232 serial port.

$698 gets you the  top of the line model with a 1.65 GHz AMD G-T56N dual core 18W processor and Radeon HD 6320 graphics. That model also has 4GB of RAM, a 250GB hard drive, 802.11b/g/n WiFi and runs Windows 7 Professional.

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Giada F100 nettop packs an Intel Cedar Trail punch http://www.nettopreview.com/2011/11/giada-f100-nettop-packs-an-intel-cedar-trail-punch/ http://www.nettopreview.com/2011/11/giada-f100-nettop-packs-an-intel-cedar-trail-punch/#comments Tue, 08 Nov 2011 07:37:13 +0000 admin http://www.nettopreview.com/?p=1202 Giada F100 Nettop

Chinese nettop maker Giada has introduced a new nettop powered by Intel’s latest Atom Cedar Trail N2800 processor with integrated GMA graphics. The Cedar Trail chips aren’t that much faster than earlier Atom processors in terms of overall performance but they do now support HD video playback.

T he new Giada F100 handles 1080p HD video using just the integrated Intel GMA graphics and is even able to decode Blu-ray 2.0 video.  All that, and it uses just 17W of power with support for up to 4GB of DDR3 memory. The computer has a 2.5 inch hard drive bay and can handle up to 1TB of storage.  There are also HDMI and VGA ports, 4 USB ports, a combo e-SATA/USB 2.0 port, a flash card reader, audio jacks, and 802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth.

Measuring 7.6″ x 5.9″ x 1″ the Giada F100 looks like it’s designed for the living room rather than office. It also features a fanless design, which means it should be quiet enough to stick by your TV. There’s no word on how much the F100 will cost or if you’ll ever be able to find one in the US.

via Netbook News.de

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Zotac’s tiny Nano nettop packs a dual core punch http://www.nettopreview.com/2011/10/zotacs-tiny-nano-nettop-packs-a-dual-core-punch/ http://www.nettopreview.com/2011/10/zotacs-tiny-nano-nettop-packs-a-dual-core-punch/#comments Fri, 07 Oct 2011 18:01:52 +0000 admin http://www.nettopreview.com/?p=1195 Zotac Nano ZD-01 Nettop

Zotac has been packing fully capable pcs in tiny packages for years now, and this time they’ve outdone themselves  making VD01 series nettops.   This series ditches more well known solutions from Intel and AMD for one from chip maker VIA.   The exact chip is the Nano X2 U4025 CPU with its Chrome9 media processor.

Inside is room for a 2.5-inch HDD and a single DDR3 slot, but Zotac also makes a version that has pre-populated those slots  with a 320GB disk and 2GB RAM called the Plus model.   Connections on the case consist of USB 3.0, 2.0, eSATA, Ethernet and HDMI ports while inside are both Bluetooth 3.0 and 802.11n radios. There’s even an IR receiver and bundled remote to make this truly living room friendly.

You can check out the full PR after the break.

ZOTAC® Launches Affordable Palm-Sized ZBOX nano VD01 Series mini-PCs

New ZOTAC® ZBOX nano VD01 series deliver energy-efficiency in a palm-sized platform

HONG KONG – Oct. 6, 2011 – ZOTAC® International, a leading innovator and channel manufacturer of graphics cards, motherboards and mini-PCs, today launches the latest addition to the ZBOX nano product lineup with the new ZBOX nano VD01 series – an affordable palm-sized mini-PC powered by a VIA Nano™ X2 processor.
The ZOTAC® ZBOX nano VD01 series combines the latest VIA Nano™ X2 U4025 CPU and VX900H media system processor for outstanding energy-efficiency and performance. VIA Chrome9 graphics with ChromotionHD™ 2.0 processing enables the ZOTAC® ZBOX nano VD01 series to deliver silky-smooth playback of popular high-definition video formats, including Blu-ray, MPEG2, H.264, VC-1 and streaming Internet video.
“ZOTAC® is pleased to expand its mini-PC lineup with the addition of a VIA platform. The VIA Nano™ X2 with VX900H chipset enables us to deliver an affordable energy-efficient mini-PC that is ideal for digital media consumption and home server use with the ZOTAC® ZBOX nano VD01 series,” said Carsten Berger, marketing director, ZOTAC® International.
“ZOTAC is an industry leader of innovative mini-PC solutions.” said Richard Brown, Vice President of Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. “VIA is proud to partner with ZOTAC for the ZBOX nano VD01 series that highlights our energy efficient Nano X2 platform.”
The ZOTAC® ZBOX nano VD01 series packs plenty of expansion capabilities with space to accommodate a 2.5-inch SATA drive and DDR3 SO-DIMM module – ZBOX nano VD01 Plus models include a 320GB SATA hard drive and 2GB of DDR3 preinstalled – internally, while USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and eSATA ports are available for external expansion.
It’s time to play with the ZOTAC® ZBOX nano VD01 series.

General details
• ZOTAC® Launches Affordable Palm-Sized ZBOX nano VD01 series
• VIA Nano™ X2 U4025 CPU
o 1.2 GHz, dual-core
• VIA VX900H chipset
o VIA Chrome9 graphics processor
o VIA ChromotionHD™ technology
• ZBOX nano VD01
o 1 x DDR3-1066 SO-DIMM slot
o Support 1 x 2.5-inch SATA 3.0 Gb/s HDD/SSD
• ZBOX nano VD01 Plus
o 2GB DDR3
o 320GB 5400RPM HDD
• 2 x SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports
• HDMI & DisplayPort outputs
• Gigabit Ethernet
• Onboard 802.11n WiFi
• Onboard Bluetooth 3.0 technology
• Bundled MCE-compatible remote
• Integrated IR receiver
• Bundled USB IR receiver (for mounted installations)
• Bundled VESA75/100 mount

ZBOX Specifications:
Product Name ZBOX nano VD01 ZBOX nano VD01 Plus
Memory 1 x 204-pin DDR3-1066 SODIMM slot 2GB DDR3

Hard Disk 1 x 2.5-inch 320GB 5400RPM
CPU VIA Nano™ X2 U4025 (1.2 GHz, dual-core)
GPU VIA Chrome9
Video Memory Shared memory architecture
Display Options HDMI & DisplayPort
Memory Card Reader 6-in-1 (SD/SDHC/MMC/MS/MS Pro/xD)
SATA eSATA (rear)
Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbps
WiFi Onboard 802.11n WiFi & Bluetooth 3.0
USB Ports 2 USB 2.0 (rear)
2 USB 3.0 ports (rear)
Audio Onboard analog stereo high-definition audio
HDMI audio (PCM)
DirectX® Support DirectX® 9 with Shader Model 3
Other Features
Software Features
Windows® 7 Capability Windows® 7 with Aero® user interface and DirectCompute compatible

About ZOTAC® International (MCO) Limited
ZOTAC® International is a part of PC Partner Ltd. Group. ZOTAC® is also one of the largest NVIDIA® graphics cards and motherboard manufacturer in the world with over 10 years of quality manufacturing experience. The ZOTAC® philosophy is to deliver the latest products at competitive prices without sacrificing quality.
For further information please visit www.zotac.com

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New Intel 32nm Atom D2500 and D2700 processors destined for nettops http://www.nettopreview.com/2011/10/new-intel-32nm-atom-d2500-and-d2700-processors-destined-for-nettops/ http://www.nettopreview.com/2011/10/new-intel-32nm-atom-d2500-and-d2700-processors-destined-for-nettops/#comments Sun, 02 Oct 2011 10:04:25 +0000 admin http://www.nettopreview.com/?p=1188 Intel Cedar Trail Processors

Intel’s next-gen Cedar Trail processors  have finally arrived, but not exactly as expected. The Cedar Trail family is arriving in two waves, with Intel first rolling out the nettop-oriented Atom D2500 and D2700 models, while the N2600 and N2800 nettop chips are expected later on.

The new chips use a  32nm process technology (there are the first 32nm Atoms), the 1.86 GHz D2500 and 2.13 GHz D2700 feature two x86 cores, 4 threads, a built-in DDR3 memory controller, 1MB of L2 cache, DirectX 10.1-supporting integrated graphics, and a TDP of 10W. The Atom D2500 costs $42, while the Atom D2700 is priced at $52 (prices are for 1,000-unit tray quantities).

The Cedar Trail platform is capable of 1080p playback, and features Blu-ray 2.0 support, as well as the Intel Wireless Display, PC Synch and Fast Boot technologies.


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